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1- Age: 17
2- Sex: Male
3- Favorite Site (this can be anything you promo whores: check out the community sound_rationale, if you're into music
4- Make me laugh (story, picture, joke): Earlier today my father and I went to Carl's Jr. I knew almost immediately I wanted the #8; a guacamole bacon six dollar burger. So he pulled up to the box and waited. And waited. Then he said "Hello?" and waited. We wondered what was going on in there that no one was answering. It was then that made dad realized what was going on in there - a newspaper dispensing box was going on in there.
5- Would you have sex with a dead body?
If I was sitting at a cafe having lunch with Karen McDougal, and a begrudged centerfold model with a high powered rifle took her out, and everyone ran away frantically, leaving me and her fresh corpse...I might have to consider this.
6- How did you find us?
I was admiring the LiveJournal of one Mia Matsumiya, the violinist of Kayo Dot, one of my favorite bands, when I noticed one of her interests was Harlequin Fetus. Fascinating, I thought, and wondered who else shared this interest, so I clicked, and found you guys.
7- Favorite Villain
8- Whats the worst thing you've ever done? There was a kid my friends and I knew that had some medications for some mental handicap. We were all "friends" but we tended to take advantage of him. One time when we were over at my house, we convinced this kid to defecate in the toilet, take it out with his own hands, and put it in the bathroom sink. Upon completion we immediately alerted my parents of what he had done, and he got in a lot of trouble.
9- Would you do it again?
In a heartbeat. Well, I dunno, but it was funny as hell, I cannot deny this.
10- Picture of yourself

By the way, my name is Franciscus Alexander Francis Rebro the Fourth, but my friends call me Alex, and my closest friends call me DJ Gumby.
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