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House of Odd

la nostalgie de la boue

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This is a place where we may come together and share the strange things we have discovered; the shady parts of society that aren't discussed publicly. This is where you may veiw the reviled, the repugnant. the naughty bits you'd rather you hadn't known about. You might even like it.

For those of you easliy offended, leave now. We don't condone hate mail to these sites.

This community run by the_epic ,la_jabberwocky and paygunn
Fill out this application. Anyone is free to join this is just a way of getting to know the new members.
1- Age
2- Sex
3- Favorite Site (this can be anything you promo whores)
4- Make me laugh (story, picture, joke)
5- Would you have sex with a dead body?
6- How did you find us?
7- Favorite Villain
8- Whats the worst thing you've ever done?
9- Would you do it again?
10- Picture of yourself

1- Post websites, photos, news, anything considered "odd" .
2- Drama will be deleted.
3- Do not delete any posts! Your mods will do this if it is needed.
4- If you want to promote your community then ask la_jabberwocky first.
5- If you want to be polite, put pictures under a cut, but you don't have to.
6- You don't have to write a description of the site if you chose not to.
7- Promote houseofodd you useless bastards!