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sorry it's taken so long, i don't get to use this much

1- Age: 18
2- Sex: female
3- Favorite Site:
4- Make me laugh (story, picture, joke):

5- Would you have sex with a dead body? perhaps, if it just happened and they died with an erection. the thought of fucking something cold really doesn't do anything for me...and the idea of fucking a dead woman generally makes me a little disgusted. probably because it reminds me of my sister and her ex, and how the fat dyke wouldn't move while they were getting it on. you know, one of those girls that just sit there and bellow like a dying horse while you do all the work. total turn off.
6- How did you find us? i think i did a search through the database for the word odd...
7- Favorite Villain: Bighead
8- Whats the worst thing you've ever done? worst, or stupidest? worst..i don't know, i've done and i'm sure have yet to do a lot of shitty things. i do remember though one time, i think i was older sister did something that obviously must have upset me, as i grabbed my father's solid wood baseball bat and broke it over her head. my entire family has been blessed (cursed?) with really hard fucking heads.
9- Would you do it again? haha no :) it takes a lot more than someone pulling my hair for me to break things over their heads these days.
10- Picture of yourself: I don't have any pictures on this computer that i can upload onto my server, but when i get home and i have the time i'll edit this and throw a picture in.

this is a picture i have on friendster. it's hideous, but it's the best i can do for now

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